New Computers

We supply new bespoke built computers, laptops and servers at a prices that matches or beats other high street stores.

Along with a bespoke build we can supply any computer you might find on line, along with our personal touch and support.

Contact us for your personal quote.

We don’t just stack them high and sell them impersonally. Every computer that we sell is set up with you in mind. We have customer’s that only need to access the internet, so we tailor the computer to that specific need. We don’t leave masses of unwanted software on your computer for you to deal with, it’s ready to go out of the box and normally delivered and set up at your premises.

Also Anti Virus is normally included within the price for the first year.

New Servers

Does your business need a new server, or are you even thinking about getting your first server?

Servers start from £699+vat, installation is advised.


New Desktop Computers

All New Desktop Computers are built to order and come with the best spec your money can buy, all systems are fully customisable.

Prices start from £299 inc vat

Apple computers are a great looking machine, and very powerful, we have not long been providing these but due to demand we now do. Once again, all computers come completely set up and customised for you.

Prices start from £699.99

New Laptops

Laptop computing has come a long way, you get a lot more for your money these days. Laptops and Netbooks being portable in nature allows you to use them anywhere you wish.

Laptops start from small 10.1″ screen notebooks to 17″ mobile desktops.

We can supply any laptop that fits your needs and requirements, however a current best seller is:


Prices start from £350 inc vat and increase with specification



  • Reconditioning old computers
  • Reconditioning old laptops
  • Testing of working IT equipment for resale
  • Confirmation that all software installed is genuine
  • Data wipe hard drives, cleaning any data installed on computers or laptops

Refurbished Computers and Laptops can save you hundreds of pounds, with many makes in stock please call for more information.

Buying a refurbished laptop or computer means you can save hundreds of pounds compared to new laptops, and still get reliability, high specification and at least 3 months warranty.

If a computer was to go wrong it would normally go wrong in the first 3 months from new, so these refurbished laptops and computers have already been run in.

Laptop computer technology has slowed down because the computers are doing pretty much what we want from them, buy even a 3 year old laptop and you will be surprised what it can do.

Our refurbished laptop computers have all been data wiped and software re-installed to their original condition, then all updates added fixing any data bugs that may have evolved. We also sell refurbished laptops that are some times only a few days old and have been returned open boxed just because it was not what the customer wanted. These open boxed laptops can then not be sold as a new product. This is becoming more frequent due to increasing on line sales and the distance selling act.